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Massage Therapy & Wellness Services for Women in Oslo & Beyond.

For within & in between stages of the female experience.

Because we are constantly in transition.

What do I offer?

Professional Massage Therapy, Deeply  Nourishing Care & Intuition Supportive Guidance for women in person & online.


We are always in transition throughout our Womanhood journey. From our teen years & past the menopause journey, life is both lived within & in-between stages. This space honors the you within & the you in-between. This space honors the woman in transition.


Through nourishing massage therapy sessions designed specifically for the stage of life you are in. Carefully crafted bodywork for deep therapeutic restoration, deep relaxation, prenatal holistic nurturing, postnatal restorative healing or traditional holistic grounding.

Where & When?

- In person sessions in Oslo (Majorstua-Marielyst) on Mondays and by request on Fridays & Saturdays.

- Home visits in Oslo and up to 90km from the city. 

- Online sessions for postpartum & wellness guidance.

Curious to know more about me?

Read & listen about my own journey & my credentials here.

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