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Kate Brinch Sand.

Certified Massage Therapist
Postpartum Wellness Professional & Educator
Women's Wellness Guide

I work with women in various stages of their journeys providing care & support through massage, bodywork & guidance through life transitions & the time in between. 

I am a massage therapist with 18 years of training & experience. My journey as a bodyworker began in northern Thailand while training as a Level 5 Thai Massage Therapist & Teacher back in 2005. I wasn't even remotely aware that I had an interest in massage, even less that I had any skills, but I loved Thailand & I chose massage as a way to stay in the land of smiles long term. After I completed a certification in eastern bodywork, I knew I needed to add the western angle to my skill set, so I moved to Florida & certify as a Massage Therapist in the US. 

Since completing two certifications by 2006, I have worked in the Spa Industry; alongside a Chiropractor in the US; and mostly as an independent massage therapist working with women.


I believe in continuous education & have completed specializations in Pregnancy, Postpartum, Rebozo & Ayurvedic Massage; re-certifications in Thai Massage & High Risk Stretching techniques; as well as trainings in Abdominal Massage & Massage for Menopause, Hot Stones & Spa treatments in countries including Mexico, US, Bali, India & Australia.

In 2017 I began the journey into motherhood care provider professional education training with CBI as a breastfeeding counselor & later certifying as a babywearing consultant in 2018. I then trained & certified as a Postpartum Professional with Newborn Mothers (2020) & Innate Postpartum (2021). In 2021 I studied Pam England's Birth Story Medicine method to offer mothers a chance to work on their birth experiences in a non-medical environment.

Because of my own age & stage in this journey called life, I have gone through several transitions in the last few years, especially since moving to Norway & particularly while experiencing later motherhood & the consequential blurry lines between postpartum & early peri-menopause. Finding my footing as a professional in Oslo, in a time of so much focus on social media, has meant many moments of doubt, professional challenges & a lot of reinventing moments. 

This has only opened up space for more growth & expansion.

By going within myself to find balance, I found wisdom I didn't think I could ever apply to myself. The wisdom I have experienced in the last few years has given me the tools needed to move my practice forward

Early in 2023 I made the decision to leave the work as a "doula" & "babywearing consultant" behind to focus my energy & attention into bodywork, & the work of guidance & awareness of female wellness who, like me, have experienced the challenges of convoluted transitions, stress, expat life & the woman/mother experience after forty with little support & even less self accountability. 

The vision I share, the work I do, the words I write reflect my experience into & through the journey of life; how I have dealt (or not) with life's surprises; what has failed me; what wisdom has lifted me up. I invite those who feel equally inspired to explore with me, & those who aren't truly called by what I have to offer, to take with the that which works & leave behind that which doesn't.



The pillars of my work are the wisdom of intention, intuitive awareness, surrender & accountability.  

I am inspired by the notion of sleep, self nourishment, periods of female transition & traditional care for the womanhood & motherhood journeys.  

I'm the only certified massage therapist in Oslo with both, extensive training & experience in Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage & Bodywork, as well as professional education in postpartum physiological care, babywearing, breastfeeding & birth story processing. 

I thrive on helping women fulfill their self nourishment needs through warming & restorative bodywork & therapeutic massage specifically designed for the stage or transition they are in; as well as in supporting women in finding their way through intuitive awareness; and holding space for those who, like me, are exploring wellness & the world within themselves in times of transition & the times in between. 

Welcome to The Milk & Oil Co. 

Specialized in Women's Wellness & Female Transitions.

Working to promote bodywork as an essential aspect of health, & transitional wellness as the keystone for womanhood & motherhood health long term.

Specialized in the field of women & the process of empowerment.

Certifications & Professional Training

2022 - Thai Massage Re-Certification & L5 Certification for GCT-600 TeachersTMC Thailand

2020 - Postnatal Massage Training / Pregnancy Massage Australia

2009 - Thai Massage for CEU's / Margie Meshew USA

2007 - High Risk Stretching Review (12hrs) / TMC Thailand, Chiang Mai

2006 - Massage Therapy Certification (500hrs) + (NCBTMB examination), Palm Beach Academy - USA

​2005 - Thai Massage GCT Teacher & Therapist Certification (600hrs) / TMC Thailand - Chiang Mai, Recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education.


2021 - Masaje con Rebozo, Instituto Acahulacamericano

2021 - Free The Belly CE Course, Nurturance ​

2021 - Wise Woman Menopause Massage CE Course, Nurturing the Mother 

2020 - Pregnancy Massage CE Course (12hs) Axelsons, Norway​

2006 - Bodywork & Natural Skin Treatments Training (30hrs) Jamu Spa School, Bali

2006 - Body Treatments Training (6hrs) Palm Beach Academy USA

2005 - Indian Ayurvedic Massage Training (30hrs) Varanasi, India

​2005 - Swedish Thai Massage Training (30 hrs) Koh Phangan, Thailand 


Ongoing - Ayurvedic Wellness Coach (300hrs) / Shakti School 


2021 - Birth Story Listener (P1-3), Birth Story Medicine​

2021 - Innate Postpartum Care Certified Provider, Innate Traditions​​

2020 - Postpartum Professional Certification, Newborn Mothers Collective​

2019 - Babywearing Consultant Certification, Slingababy, Oslo ​/ In process, Breastfeeding Counselor, CBI


2020 - Physiologic Baby Care, Innate Traditions

2019 - Postnatal Recovery Massage, Sophie Messager & Osteopath Teddy Brooks, Cambridge, UK​

2019 - Closing The Bones, Sophie Messager, Cambridge, UK


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