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Rebozo, un apapacho
a hug for the soul

Rebozo Bodywork is for everyone. 

Rebozo is not a birth and postpartum exclusive tool.

Rebozo is not a female wellness exclusive tool.

Rebozo is not a soft touch tool. 

Rebozo is a strong and resilient textile with such diversity in its form and use, that it can be a symbol of elegance, purity as well as hard work, resilience and death.


Rebozo is a Mexican national treasure, a tool of the people.


Its mastery for bodywork requieres arduous of training and years of practice.


Rebozo is the art of transforming a rough and resilient cloth into an energy charged hug for the soul: an apapacho.

Kate Brinch Sand, Rebozo Practitioner

I am the only Mexican born and raised Rebozo Practitioner in Oslo and Norway. A bodyworker by profession and I am a believer in sharing knowledge and passion with respect. 


In this space I want to share my love for Rebozo as well as information for others to get to know this wonderful tool with respectful accuracy, demystifying its use and providing mentorships and support to those who would like to use it for themselves and to support others. 

In learning about rebozo with openness and adaptability, we treat its origin and its future with respect.

this page is under construction 

please check back soon or visit the instagram and facebook pages for updates

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