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Zen House sessions available for booking every Monday and Friday in December.

Buy One Get One gift cards for 90 and 120 minutes available for purchase.

Special Promo: 60 minute female wellness and pregnancy massage sessions at Zen House can be booked for December and January under a special promotion here.

Don't pack your schedule this season or after the holidays. Keep it at 50-70%  so you can take on life' sudden extra commitments and the unexpected that comes with life and no go over what you can manage. Slow down is definitely the way to go.

Healthy, Happy, Sexy by Katie Silcox

Welcome to Milk & Oil.

I'm Kate, a certified Massage Therapist, women's wellness professional & learning enthusiast living in Oslo.


I offer sessions in persona and Online. You may book therapeutic massage, pregnancy and postpartum bodywork, rebozo sessions, movement sessions, postpartum education, birth story listening and habit healing guidance for better living. 

Regular appointments take place on Mondays and Fridays at Zen House (Sporveisgata 29, Majorstua).


Easy access from Majorstua Tbane by foot (13 min walk) or trikk (11,19,12). Only 170 meters from Bogstadveien (H&M)


Disclaimer: All my massage and bodywork sessions are of a therapeutic nature as I am certified as Massage Therapist in the US, Thai massage therapist and L5 Teacher in Thailand, and certified massage therapist in Norway with Norges Massasjeforbund. In addition I hold several certifications in massage which I have acquired as continuous education. Massage of any kind should always be taken through a certified provider with a minimum of 500 hrs of training in therapeutic forms of massage. All the support sessions I offer are based on certifications I have completed including Postpartum Professional through Newborn Mothers and Innate Postpartum, and Birth Story Medicine. I am currently half way through  L1 Ayurvedic Wellness Coach training (300hrs). I do not offer any services for which I am not extensively qualified. I do not offer medical advice, diagnose or provide any physical, mental health care or any other services out of my scope. My support sessions are for wellness purposes and I always recommend contacting a professional where my scope is out of reach. You can learn more about me here

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