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Massage Therapy for Women
For all women

For all ages
For all transitions

Massage is not a luxury. A healthy body is not a luxury. You deserve to be well, and feel well and experience the joy of a balanced body and mind.


My uniquely crafted sessions take place Monday & Friday at Zen House (click here for directions).

You can book sessions at ZEN HOUSE here. 

On Thursdays, Fridays Saturdays and Sundays you can book regular sessions with me at Soleus Massasje Klinikk.

Follow this link to learn more and book a session now.

My private client sessions are now listed at matching prices with Soleus Massage Clinic to ensure I provide the same high quality services no matter where you come to see me.


I offer the following time options at Zen (longer and shorter options available at Soleus)

70 MINUTES - 1,250 kroner

90 minutes - 1,500 kroner

2 hours - 2,250 kroner

I offer Home Visits on Monday, Friday and 

At home fee - 500 kroner (for Oslo and up to 30km)*

*Add home conditions and disclaimer


Special Offers

I hold a regular running promotion for YOUR MONTHLY MASSAGE that offers a discounted version of my massage therapeutic and basic motherhood offers to those who believe in regular massage. You can find more information and proceed to your booking here.

I also hold a special offer for HEALING HEALERS. If you are a care or support provider, you can benefit from a specially discounted session. Learn more and request your booking link here


Monday & Friday


Zen House is located in Sporsveisgata 29 (Majorstua) just a 5 minute walk from the Bogstadveien H&M Store. A detailed email with instructions will be sent to you after your booking is completed. I offer my private clients sessions on Monday' sand Friday's and you may book all my available services here: Therapeutic Massage Head and Feet (Deep Rest) Table Thai Massage Pregnancy Massage Postpartum Massage Rebozo Bodywork Thai Massage Thai Massage with Rebozo Deeply Warming Massage with Stones Healing Healers Care Providers Sessions Birth Story Listening Postpartum Preparation Ayurvedic wellness guidance sessions Mentorships for Massage Providers

Thursday to Sunday 

SOLEUS Massasjeklinikk

I am now availble for bookings at Soleus Massasjeklinikk in Bjerregards gate 49, easily accesible by buses 21, 54 and 34. In a very friendly neighbourhood, and a wonderful clinic, I am available for bookings Thursday and Fridays afternoon/evening and every other weekend. ATT!! The bookings at Soleus must be done through their website or you may text me on 92946553 for availability and options The prices I offer match those of Soleus but my offers are a little different. I do offer Classic, Wellness, Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage plus other massage alternatives. For more information on how to book with me at Soleus please follow this link: booking at Soleus with Kate Brinch Sand.

Monday, Thursday and Friday I offer Home Visits to any address within Oslo and up to 90 km from Majorstua. Home visits have a regular price as listed on the website plus a driving fee: +300 kroner within Oslo and up to 35km from Marienlyst Parken. +600 kroner to any address 36-60 km from Marienlyst Parken. +1000 kroner to any address 61-90km from Marienlyst Parken. Home Visits for 2+ sessions ONLY PAY ONE DRIVING FEE. Your driving Fee counts as your deposit and you will receive a link to pay upon confirmation. Thisis a nonrefundable deposit to guarantee my services. The massage(s) can be paid at the time of the appointment and normal cancellation terms apply. For more information click the link that best describes your intended session: Home Visit Session Motherhood Massage Home Visit Sessions Multiple Massages Home Visit Sessions

Kate Massage

Massage with Kate Brinch Sand...

Over the last two decades I have worked in a variety of environments and locations as a massage therapist and women's wellness professional. I have learned several techniques in countries including USA, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico and Norway. I have worked alongside a Chiropractor, in the Spa Industry, as a company massage therapist, in a clinic setting and as a self employed bodyworker. The skills I have amassed are not unique to me, but the combination of expertise, knowledge, training, exposure to world techniques and teachers, as well as my experience in diverse settings and specialization in female wellness and motherhood techniques is a rather unique combination nobody else offers in Norway.

Styles Massage

Disclaimer: All my massage and bodywork sessions are of a therapeutic nature as I am certified as Massage Therapist in the US, Thai massage therapist and L5 Teacher in Thailand, and certified massage therapist in Norway with Norges Massasjeforbund. In addition I hold several certifications in massage which I have acquired as continuous education. Massage of any kind should always be taken through a certified provider with a minimum of 500 hrs of training in therapeutic forms of massage. All the support sessions I offer are based on certifications I have completed including Postpartum Professional through Newborn Mothers and Innate Postpartum, and Birth Story Medicine. I am currently a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Coach (300hrs) and I am working towards my Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certificate. I do not offer any services for which I am not extensively qualified. I do not offer medical advice, diagnose or provide any physical, mental health care or any other services out of my scope. My support sessions are for wellness purposes and I always recommend contacting a professional where my scope is out of reach. You can learn more about me here.


70, 90 and 120 minutes

HEAD & FEET, A Massage for Deep Rest

70 minutes

THAI MASSAGE ON TABLE, A therapeutic session

70 minutes


70 minutes


90 minutes

THAI MASSAGE WITH REBOZO, Created by Kate Brinch Sand

90 and 120 minutes

DEEPLY WARMING, A therapeutic massage with Hot Stones

90 minutes

YOUR MONTHLY MASSAGE, pre-paid / non refund

60 minutes Specially priced, this 60 minute maintenance session is recommended to those women who take at least one session a month.

HEALING HEALERS, A supportive 60 minute session for care professionals.

60 minutes

Description TM
Monthly Massage
thai rebozo
rebozo massage
Thai Table
Head and feet
therapeutic massage
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